Pumping Concrete: Top Tips

Pumping Concrete: Top Tips

3 Reasons to Install Coloured Decorative Concrete Around Your Home

by Hector Herrera

If you want to create a beautiful outdoors, you'll need to choose flooring material for patios, pathways and pool areas. One possible option is coloured concrete. Read on to discover several excellent reasons to install this substance around your outdoors.

1. Available in Any Hue

Coloured concrete is available in a vast array of hues, providing precise control over the look of your hardscape. Contractors can add pigments to the cement mix before laying. Alternatively, they can spread dyes which react with hard concrete to produce dappled, organic effects. You need not settle on just one flat colour either. By blending methods and hues, contractors can give your decorative concrete a subtle wash of wavery colours, evocative of the gradations in natural stone and other primary materials. 

Because you can customise its look, you can integrate the concrete with your home's architecture and landscape. For instance, if your home has bluestone cladding, you could echo moody tones in the outdoor flooring, or create contrast with tans and fawns. If you have steps leading to the courtyard, you could repeat the look and feel of the steps in the paving.

2. Imitate Natural Materials

Another reason to install coloured concrete is that it can resemble a range of natural materials, including timber and stone. Around a pool, create a warm native feel with a facade that simulates rows of grainy timber planks, blending your decking with the landscape. Beneficially, though, concrete won't rot and warp as real wood might. Alternatively, you could spread concrete pool decking that mimics the timeless, classic look of fawn travertine pavers.   

To create such natural textures, contractors cover the unset cement with an array of stamps that leave imprints in the surface. These stamps are available in a wide variety of moulds to create endless looks. 

3. Coordinate Your Outdoors

Because concrete is so chameleon and can take on such diverse appearances, you can apply it to your entire outdoors without causing monotony. You could colour and texture it in one way for the patio while tailoring the hues and patterns for the pool decking. Likewise, for the paths and driveways, you can customise each surface while integrating everything. Concrete is ideal for outdoor areas as contractors can pour it so it forms bends and curves that mirror the organic lines in surrounding scenery. You don't have to stick with straight-edged trails and outdoor flooring areas that don't do justice to the environment.


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Pumping Concrete: Top Tips

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