Pumping Concrete: Top Tips

Pumping Concrete: Top Tips

Concrete Pumps: Allowing Efficient Concrete Placement

by Hector Herrera

A wide range of construction projects require a concrete pump. This industrial piece of equipment is increasingly being used for its ability to efficiently lay concrete. In comparison with other methods of concrete placement such as using a wheelbarrow, dumping ready-made concrete and using a crane, concrete pumps are much more efficient. 

Equipment used to pump concrete

A range of equipment is used to pump concrete, including high-pressure/high-output trailer pumps, mortar machines and truck-mounted concrete pumps.

Why are concrete pumps preferred over other methods of concrete placement?

One of the major advantages of using concrete pumps is that a lot of time is saved. The same amount of concrete that can be dumped in just one hour will take workers up to three hours to pour. This results in significant labor savings for contractors who have to hire less workforce for concrete placement. Additionally, the workers on the site can be designated to more important tasks instead of concrete dumping. Hence more work is done in a smaller amount of time. Another advantage is customer satisfaction. Customers are satisfied when they have to bear less labor costs and their work is done faster. This results in more projects being offered to contractors who can now fit in more projects as the process of concrete placement is sped up.

When work is being done on a site, any obstacles can result in downtime that results in less productivity. Contractors using concrete pumps for concrete placement will be able to place concrete without being affected by obstacles such as weather, site conditions and what time of day it is. Of course, the equipment will need to be positioned and maneuvered correctly to ensure that concrete is placed in the most efficient manner. The pumps available are highly efficient and are also designed to be maneuvered and positioned easily to ensure that the project keeps moving efficiently. 

Training for concrete pump operation

It is important to note only trained personnel with the right set of qualifications can operate a concrete pump. Currently, a licence must be obtained to operate a concrete pump. The individual will be trained in all aspect of pump operation from a certified organisation. One of the key factors they will be trained in is safety. When operating a large industrial equipment such as a concrete pump, the safety of the operator and those on site is of paramount importance. 

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Pumping Concrete: Top Tips

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