Pumping Concrete: Top Tips

Pumping Concrete: Top Tips

Commercial Concrete Kerb Repair

by Hector Herrera

Kerbs are a fantastic way of landscaping your commercial property. However, with use and exposure to the weather, the concrete kerbing may begin to deteriorate and crack. This cracking can reduce the functionality of the kerb and can also make it look ugly. If your kerning started to show signs of damage, you might be wondering how you can repair it. Below is a guide to carrying out a repair on a cracked concrete kerb.

Prepare the area

Before you begin work, you should carefully prepare the area. Start by removing any soil and plants which surround the kerb. Doing so will allow you to assess and repair the damage fully. Next, you need to remove any pieces of the cracked concrete which are loose. If removing the loose pieces by hand is difficult, you should use a hammer or chisel to break the damaged concrete away.

Wash down the area

Once you have prepared the area by removing soil, plants and loose concrete, you should wash it down with a hose. The jet of water will help to remove any tiny pieces of concrete which are still stuck on the kerb. Once you have washed the kerb down, you should leave it alone for a few days until it is completely dry. If you do not allow the kerb to dry, you will find that the bonding agent you use to repair the concrete won't bond as it should.

Patch the kerb with fresh concrete

Finally, you can carry out the repair job on the concrete kerb. You should be able to buy a concrete repair kit from your DIY store. Follow the instructions on the repair kit and mix the concrete powder with water. Next, apply the adhesive bonding material to the exposed part of the damaged kerb using a paintbrush. Once you have done this, you should use a trowel to insert the wet concrete into the broken part of the kerb. You may find you need to keep adding fresh concrete as it settles into place. You should continue to add concrete until it is above the line of the existing kerb. You can then use the trowel to wipe away any excess concrete, creating a smooth surface. You should then protect the kerb until the fresh concrete has cured and hardened.

If you would like to find out more about concrete kerb repair, you should contact a concrete company today.


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Pumping Concrete: Top Tips

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