Pumping Concrete: Top Tips

Pumping Concrete: Top Tips

Concrete Finishes You Could Choose For Your Commercial Premises

by Hector Herrera

Considering that concrete remains one of the most prevalent building supplies in the market, it is not uncommon to find some people overlook its appearance and assume that it should just be bland. Although conventional concrete was popular due to the inherent durability it provides, it has steadily started to have its own character over the years due to the assortment of finishes that you can choose. Therefore, if you were looking for flooring options for your commercial premises and would prefer something that would complement your structure, you may want to consider choosing a concrete finish. Read on to find out which are the different concrete finishes that you could use for your commercial concreting applications.

Polished concrete finish

If you are contemplating flooring or the interior of your structure or for living spaces in and around your commercial premises, you should gravitate toward the polished concrete. This type of finish creates a glossy appearance on your concrete flooring that has a propensity of reflecting light. As a result, polished concrete is perfect for living spaces as they provide the area with enhanced illumination. Polished concrete is also one of the easiest surfaces to clean. The sleek appearance prevents the absorption of stains and dirt, which ensures that your polished concrete floors will retain their appeal with minimal effort. It should be noted that polished concrete does become quite slippery when wet, thus should not be installed in spaces exposed to wet conditions.

Broom concrete finish

If you would like to create tactile interest on your concrete floors, a broom finish would be perfect for your commercial property. Despite how intricate the patterns on the surface of the concrete appear, the process of creating them is quite simple. This type of finish gets its name from the tool used to create the texture on the surface of the concrete, which is a broom. Therefore, you do not have to worry about inflated installation costs since all the contractors will have to do is scrape a broom on the surface of the wet concrete. The broom finish is ideal for areas that you would like to have some traction such as pathways and sidewalks, as this could significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Salt concrete finish

This type of concrete finish is characterised by having small indentations on the surface of the flooring. The indentations are formed by sprinkling rock salt directly onto the wet concrete and leaving it to set. Once the concrete has set, the contractors will wash the surface of the concrete to eliminate any excess salt that did not set into the concrete.

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Pumping Concrete: Top Tips

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